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Why Mosaic?

At IESE, we view the development of managers as happening through rich, engaging discussions. To spark these interactions, we employ a broad range
of methodologies
—from cases to simulations to projects to coaching, to name a few. Learning takes place both online and face-to-face, and at any point in time participants work either individually, with a peer or in teams.

This “mosaic” of methodologies, contexts and formats, depicted below, is what makes an IESE learning experience unique and ensures its deep impact.
In each of our programs, methods are strategically selected and layered with the “how” (format) and the “where” (context) to address participants’ explicit
objectives and ensure they maximize their learning experience. Every piece counts in our mosaic. Taken together, they are far more than the sum
of their parts.

Are you ready to discover the IESE mosaic?